SMF Series

Multi-row distribution device

After cutting the pouches filled with powder or liquid such as soup or condiments, this multi-row distribution device places them at a regular interval and loads them into multiple containers placed and transported in parallel all at once.
It is used together with the pouch dispenser.

SMF Series


(1) KD-820 (2) Control panel (3) Automatic discharge chute (optional) (4) Main conveyor unit (5) Shutter unit (6) Sub conveyor unit (7) Frame (8) Control unit


  • Space-saving design where pouches can be loaded into multiple containers placed in parallel with a single pouch dispenser.
  • Compatible with various standard options with the use of our standard pouch dispenser.
  • Simultaneous loading of two product types or backup operation is made possible by using two pouch dispensers.


Feeding capacity 30 shots/min (maximum) *1
25 shots/min (maximum) *1
Pouch specification Width  50 – 100mm
Length 50 – 100mm
Thickness 30mm (maximum)
Power supply 3φ AC200/220V 50/60Hz 1.5KVA *2
Weight Approx. 150kg (Pouch dispenser: Approx. 50kg included) *2
Air source 0.5MPa 10L/min (ANR) dry air *2
*1 The feeding capacity is determined by the pouch dimension, loading containers (cups), and number of pitches and loading rows. Please contact us.
*2 May vary depending on the options to be equipped with.