PACKConverting related equipment


‘PACK’ is packaging related equipment, such as automated dispensers which 「dispenses」 the hard-to-handle pouches/sachets and cards by optimum method, and the pouch cutters and pouch loaders for automation production process.
The uncut chain pouches loaded in the previous process are folded into carton boxes by using a pouch loader or winded by using a pouch winder. Then, the chain pouches accumulated in a certain number are cut to single pouches using a pouch cutter or automatically dispensed using a pouch dispenser.
Since the automated pouch dispenser was developed in 1971, Mitsuhashi Corporation continues to develop a dispensing system to save labors, increase speed and streamline production for the cumbersome task of pouch dispensing.

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LPCPosition Control Device


This device fixes the meandering that occurs during the transport process of the web such as paper, film, rubber and fiber, and “aligns” the edges of the web.
LPC, which stands for “Line Position Control”, is the product name (registered trademark) for our original web guiding system.
Since it was released in 1953, we have developed a variety of products and provide numerous types of equipment that will meet the needs of all kinds of clients. The latest G series achieves high response and high reliability control using CAN communication and a brushless motor.

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AIREXAir Shaft


AIREX is a component air shaft that is indispensable for winding rolled materials.
This product was developed as an axis that chucks the core of rolled material when winding or unwinding the web, or as an axis when transporting suspended material to improve work efficiency, reliability and realize high precision.
Currently, AIREX is widely used in the film, paper, foiling, metalworking, and printing industries.
We provide the optimum shaft that meets the needs of every client in today’s world where diversified and streamlined equipment is in demand more than ever.

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UEExpander Roller / Wrinkle Remove Roller


This product removes “wrinkles” in all kinds of material to significantly improve a sheet’s quality and productivity.
“UE” is the acronym of the company Yu Giken Kogyo which developed the expander rollers and we have used UE as the product name after Yu Giken Kogyo’s expander roller business was transferred to us in 2005. The principle is that the rubber on the surface gradually spreads from center outward and spreads the whole width of the web to remove wrinkles. We have expander rollers in a wide variety of widths and rubber materials available so that clients can choose our products depending on their existing film or web specifications.

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