Corporate Goal

The “goal” Mitsuhashi Corporation uses for a basis for us to exist as a company.

It is our goal to be a company where all our employees realize a fulfilling life with pride and hope, contribute to society through work, gain proper compensation and develop themselves.

Management Philosophy

The company Mitsuhashi Corporation hopes to become.

  • “Creating a company that clients feel happy to have a business relationship with.”
  • “Creating products that clients feel pleased to use.”
  • “Creating a corporate culture in which our employees feel glad to work.”

Developmental Guidelines

Mitsuhashi Corporation provides customer value through development of products
and services from the clients’ standpoint.

  • “Product development and the provision of services that require less maintenance for clients”
  • “Product development and the provision of services that do not stop a client’s production process”
  • “Product development and the provision of services that are easy to use by clients”

Code of Conduct

This is a “code of conduct” that we must comply with in order
to realize our management philosophy and fulfill developmental guidelines.

Note: Only the first line of all items is excerpted and shown below.

  • 1.All “conduct and actions” in society are created from interactions between people.
  • 2.Judge what is “right or wrong” as human beings and take actions, not judging if it is “advantageous or disadvantageous” to you.
  • 3.Realize incompatibility exists in society and they balance out each other.
  • 4.Know that “action-reaction law” works physically as well as mentally.
  • 5.Keep in mind to fight in the middle of the ring.
  • 6.Deal with clients with sincerity. Do not deal with them with deceitfulness.
  • 7.Try to see things comprehensively from a higher perspective over the long term.