Mitsuhashi Corp. is almost 100 years old in Kyoto.

Mitsuhashi Corp. is almost 100 years old in Kyoto.

Mitsuhashi Corporation was founded in Kyoto in 1944.
Since its establishment in Magohashi, north of Keihan Sanjo, and until it moved to the current location in Saiin, our company grew in Kyoto. When you look at our company’s development history you can tell it has been strongly influenced by the corporate culture in Kyoto. Here, we will describe Mitsuhashi Corporation as a company in Kyoto.

Division of labor culture

Division of labor culture Division of labor culture

In Kyoto, there has been a culture of division of labor since ancient times. For example, kimonos undergo many processes, such as spinning threads, weaving, dyeing and tailoring, and each process being done by specialists is the Kyoto way. Since the work is divided among top-rated specialists, the finished product naturally becomes top rated. This is the unique characteristic of manufacturing in Kyoto.

When Mitsuhashi Corporation was established, Shimazu Corporation was producing products with this Kyoto method. They specialized in designing products but outsourced manufacturing and assembling to contracting companies.

Mitsuhashi Corporation was one of their contracting companies. At that time, we were focusing on diligently improving our technology so that we could be part of the top-rated production.

Brought up by the industries in Kyoto

Brought up by the industries in Kyoto Brought up by the industries in Kyoto

Our company was initially producing equipment, but we were asked if we could undertake equipment control and design, and gradually expanded our technologies. Thus, we acquired the technology as a manufacturer that designs and produces products. It is no exaggeration to say that Mitsuhashi Corporation was raised by Shimazu Corporation.

Thinking “we will not last long unless we have our own products”, the Mitsuhashi Corporation began to focus on the development of original brand products. The first product that was developed was “Line Position Control equipment”. We developed after a local dyeing machine company asked us if they could “run the fabric so that it will not meander when dyeing the whole roll of white fabric”. Thus, an industry in Kyoto gave us an opportunity to develop our original brand product.

Specializing in niche industry

Specializing in niche industry Specializing in niche industry

The corporate culture of Kyoto honors the ideas of “not invading other’s business” and “not imitating others” and Mitsuhashi Corporation values them as well.

Our company brand’s Line Position Control equipment and automated dispenser are niche industries. The market is not large, but our share in the industry tops the market.

When you try to enter a larger market, many large companies and rivals appear, and it turns into a competitive battle for market share.
There is a culture that values Kyoto’s division of labor behind Mitsuhashi Corporation’s management policy “specializing and becoming number one in the industry, not expanding business to try to get a share in a large market” and “obtaining a position in accordance with the corporation size and acquiring a proper share”.

Innovation to become
an established corporation

Innovation to become an established corporationン Innovation to become an established corporation

Another characteristic of Kyoto is that there are many old, established corporations. You may be able to go with the trends of the time and temporarily realize profits, but it is not easy to maintain a company for a long period of time. You need to change the type of business according to the change of times.

When you look at global companies and established companies in Kyoto, they have applied traditional technologies, such as ceramics and metalworking of Buddhist altar fittings, to the cutting-edge technology, including condensers, to create innovations and further develop the companies. Mitsuhashi Corporation began as a contracting company, later we developed our own technology and manufactured original brand products.
We are approaching 100 years old since our establishment, and we are still in the process of becoming the company we want to be. We will continue to polish top-rated technology for the next 100 years to come.