(’54/Date of shooting: July 2019)

Lending “hands” to replace human hands.

Our company provides a “means” to replace our clients’ “hands”.
“Dispensing”, “aligning”, “winding” and “spreading” in production process—
these processes originally done by the clients’ hands.
We, Mitsuhashi Corporation, have developed machines in our original brand name
to achieve automation as a “means” to replace manual labor.

We also strive to provide excellent services, including warranty services,
customized orders and consultations to save labor as a “means” to reduce our clients’ stress.

We help our clients safely produce their products by our “machines” and “services”

We will never cease to devoting ourselves to be chosen by our clients
by utilizing our industry’s top rated technology
that has been developed since our establishment in 1944
and strive to become the “one and only” company
in our global niche industry as a Kyoto based supplier.