Initiative on environmental management system “KES”

Our company is registered with the environmental management system “KES” that was established in Kyoto, and whose fundamental philosophy is to “recognize the preservation of the earth’s environment is one of the most crucial issues for all human beings and we strive to reduce environmental burdens and realize environmental preservation”. Our company promotes environmental management activities to achieve harmony with earth environment in order to alleviate the environmental effects imposed by our activities, including the production and sales of packaging and converting machines, our products and services.

Initiatives within the company

at the

Mitsuhashi Corporation offers a cafeteria for our employees. If you order from the menu when you arrive at the company, you can enjoy a freshly made meal at lunch time. The cafeteria is a place for relaxation where employees gather at lunch time to enjoy each other’s company or simply eat while enjoying their own time.

Collaboration between
Departments via screens

Monitor screens are installed on each floor at Mitsuhashi Corporation. Employees can see via the monitor screens how other Departments in the Kyoto Sales Headquarters, Tokyo branch office, Headquarters building, and at the plants are doing. This system was invented to help our employees collaborate within the company and immediately correspond to our clients without delay.

Linking offices

Mitsuhashi Corporation offices are connected via teleconference capabilities. For example, since the morning assembly meeting that takes place every morning is conducted together with the Kyoto and Tokyo offices, employees can share what other employees are doing regardless of the distance. Employees can also work with the Headquarters via teleconference even when they are on overseas business trips for close communication.