KEX-1010X( Discontinued product )

Pouch loader with X-ray inspection device

This device is connected to various three-sided and four-sided seal filling/packaging machines to fold continuous packaging pouches in fixed quantities and load them into boxes. Equipped with an X-ray inspection device, ensuring only products of good quality to be packed.

KEX-1010X( Discontinued product )


(1) KE-1010X (2) Control panel (for the KE-1010X) (3) FX-1000 (4) Control panel (for the FX-1000) (5) X-ray inspection equipment (Anritsu Infivis) (6) Control panel (for X-ray inspection equipment) (7) Pressing unit (8) Fixed feed unit (9) Pitch detection unit (10) Feeding unit (11) Box switching unit (12) Parts discharge table (13) Accumulation box

Labor saving effects

Packing of continuous packaging products that is difficult to carry out by hand can be conducted automatically while inspecting whether or not they are non-defective products.


  • Equipment capacity: 50m/min
  • Pouches can be directly inspected as there is no transport belt that blocks X-rays, improving the inspection accuracy. Achieved accuracy level of ± 2% (± 3σ) for excess inspections/inspection shortages.
  • An X-ray inspection device (FX-1000) can be added later to various pouch loaders currently in use.


Inspection capacity 10 – 50m/min
Maximum 650 pouches/min
*The measurement accuracy will vary depending on the conditions of the packaging materials and contents.
Pouch specification Packaging form 3 or 4 sided seal
Packaging materials Aluminum, transparent polypropylene, etc.
Contents Liquids, powders, dried vegetables/dried meat, etc.
Pouch size Width 30 – 100㎜
Length 30 – 150㎜
Seal dimensions (Horizontal seal) 10mm or larger, (Vertical seal) 8mm or larger
Mass measurement Relative mass accuracy ±2% (±3σ)
*The measurement accuracy will vary depending on the packaging materials and contents.
Foreign substance
SUS球 φ0.8mm
SUS balls φ 0.8
*The measurement accuracy will vary depending on the packaging materials and contents.
Power supply X-ray equipment: 3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 1kVA
Pouch loader: 3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 2.5kVA
Weight X-ray equipment: Approx. 200kg
Pouch loader: Approx. 350kg (when fully equipped with options)
Air source 0.5MPa 80L/min (ANR) dry air
* 1 Capacity and measurement accuracy vary depending on the packaging material and contents conditions.
* 2 When fully equipped with options
* 3 Refer to the dedicated catalog for pouch loader specifications