Slim type card dispenser

This device loads various cards, cardboard, trays and lids onto a fixed position of the conveyor line.
Stable motion trajectory and smooth movement gentle to cards are realized with our original cam rack mechanism.



(1) CD-870 (2) Control panel (3) Cutting frame (4) Control box (5) Suction arm (6) Safety cover (7) Ejector box (8) Supply conveyor (9) Frame

Labor saving effects

Manual work
approx. 30 pouches/min
After installing the device
approx. 120 pouches/min


  • Equipment capacity: 120 pouches/min
  • Loads cardboard, trays, lids and flat pouches.
  • Automatic loading is made possible by easy synchronization with loading signals from the packaging device.
  • Our original cam rack is adopted for the drive mechanism.
    Achieved high stability and smooth movement that is gentle to work pieces.
  • Ultra slim compact body
  • Air consumption is about half the amount compared to conventional devices. 50L/min


Equipment capacity 120 pouches/min (maximum)
*The maximum capacity will vary depending on specifications such as product shape and hardness.
Work piece specification Width  30 – 100mm
Length 30 – 100mm
Power supply 3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 1.0kVA
Air source 0.5MPa 50L/min (ANR) dry air
Weight Approx. 50kg