Taping machine

This device attaches double-sided tape to the continuous packaging pouches.



(1) TM-200 (2) Control switch (3) Attaching unit (4) Release paper winding unit (5) Tape supply unit (6) Residual amount detection sensor


  • By combining the device with the pouch dispenser, it synchronizes with the transport timing of the packaging device conveyor to cut the pouches to one pouch at a time and attach them to packaging film.
  • Pouches are attached to trays or packaging films, preventing them from mixing into foods.
  • Chute attaching, stamp attaching and adsorption attaching can be selected for the attaching method.


Equipment capacity 50Hz 6.2m/min (maximum) 
60Hz 7.4m/min (maximum)
Pouch specification Width 20 – 60mm
Length 30 – 150mm
Thickness Within 5mm
Maximum winding diameter 300mm
Maximum scroll width 255mm
tape size
Width 5 – 10mm
Inner diameter of paper tube 76mm
Maximum winding diameter 300mm
Power supply 1φ AC200V 50/60Hz 200VA *Supplied from the KD unit. No need for a separate power supply.
Main unit weight Approx. 55kg