Pouch loader

This device is connected to various three-sided and four-sided seal filling/packaging machines to fold continuous packaging pouches in fixed quantities and load them into boxes.



(1) Control panel (2) Pitch detection unit (3) Fixed feed unit (4) Roll unit (5) Biting prevention guide (6) XY axis traverser (7) Speed adjustment volume (8) Frame

Labor saving effects

Packing of continuous packaging products that is difficult to carry out by hand can be conducted automatically.


  • Equipment capacity: 12m/min
  • Low-speed packing machine that packs pouches into boxes while moving the box left and right and front and back.
  • High performance 32bit microcomputer control
  • Extensive options such as the notch unit that makes notches to vertical seals, mark misalignment detection unit that detects mislocation of markings and contents and seam detection unit that detects seam tape of the continuous packaging pouches are available.


Equipment capacity 12m/min <With 70mm pouch length (10 folds)>
*The maximum capacity will vary depending on the packaging materials, contents and dimension of boxes to be packed in.
Pouch specification Width 100mm (maximum)
Length 150mm (maximum)
Storage box dimensions Width 400 – 710mm (external dimension)
Depth 200 – 510mm (external dimension)
Height 100 – 310mm (external dimension)
Power supply 1Φ AC200/220V 50/60Hz 1.0kVA
Weight Approx. 80kg