Pouch loader

This device is connected to various three-sided and four-sided seal filling/packaging machines to fold continuous packaging pouches in fixed quantities and load them into boxes.



(1) Control panel (2) Non-contact pitch detection unit (optional) *The standard is a contact type thickness detection unit (3) Fixed feed unit (4) Pressing unit (5) Swing chute (6) Feeding unit (7) Dolly part (8) Frame


* The safety cover is removed for shooting.
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Labor saving effects

Packing of continuous packaging products that is difficult to carry out by hand can be conducted automatically.


  • Equipment capacity: 40m/min
  • Equipped with an easy-to-see 5.7-inch color touch panel for stress-free operation.
  • Boxes are moved back and forth and continuous packaging pouches are packed in a zigzag manner with a swing chute.
  • Equipped with a pressing unit that improves the packing condition.
  • Extensive options such as the cutter unit and box switching unit that take automation one step further are available.


Equipment capacity 40m/min (maximum)
*The maximum capacity will vary depending on the packaging materials, contents and dimension of boxes to be packed in.
Pouch specification Width 50 – 90mm (compatible with width of 30 – 100mm by replacement of swing chute)
Length 30 – 120mm
Thickness 20mm (maximum)
Storage box dimensions Width 380 – 580mm
Depth 200 – 400mm
Height 100 – 400mm
Power supply 3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 2.5kVA
Weight Approx. 350kg (when fully equipped with options)
Air source 0.5MPa 40L/min (ANR) dry air