Pouch dispenser

The device consistently cuts continuous packaging pouches into one pouch (multiple pouch units are also possible) at a time, and loads them in place such as on a conveyor line.



(1) Top roll (2) Control panel (3) Pitch detection unit (4) Fixed feed unit (5) Roll unit (6) Cutter unit (7) Miss-cut prevention sensor (8) Chute (9) Frame

Labor saving effects

Manual work
approx. 30 pouches/min
After installing the device
approx. 200 pouches/min


  • Feeding capacity: 200 pouches/min
  • Low cost type that uses a cutter unit with an electromagnetic solenoid type single-edged drive
  • High-performance 32bit microcomputer control
  • Extensive options such as the feed unit that enables loading of heavy pouches and the vibrator unit that ensures pouch length detection of fine and light contents are available.


Feeding capacity 200 pouches/min (maximum)
*The longer the pitch of the pouch length is, the lower the capacity will become.
*The maximum capacity will vary depending on the conditions of the packaging materials and contents.
Pouch specification Width 20 – 100mm
Length 30 – 150mm
Thickness 10mm (maximum)
Power supply 1φ AC200V 50/60Hz 0.5kVA
Weight Approx. 45kg