Pouch dispenser

The device consistently cuts continuous packaging pouches into one pouch (multiple pouch units are also possible) at a time, and loads them in place such as on a conveyor line.



(1) Top roll (2) Control panel (3) Pitch detection unit (4) Fixed feed unit (5) Roll unit (6) Cutter unit (7) Miss-cut prevention sensor (8) Chute (9) Frame

Labor saving effects

Manual work
approx. 30 pouches/min
After installing the device
approx. 300 pouches/min


  • Feeding capacity: 300 pouches/min
  • The double-edged drive type cutter can load 30mm thick pouches
  • Equipped with an AC servo motor drive cutter unit
  • Features a cutter angle adjustment mechanism to prevent diagonal cutting (Utility registration: No. 3078499)
  • The cutter unit can be easily removed, improving maintainability.
  • High-performance 32bit microcomputer control
  • Compatible with the CE standard
  • Extensive options such as the I-notch unit, perforation unit and automatic ejection mechanism are available.


Feeding capacity 300 pouches/min (maximum) <With 50mm pouch length>
*The longer the pitch of the pouch length is, the lower the capacity will become.
*The maximum capacity will vary depending on the conditions of the packaging materials and contents.
Pouch specification Width 100mm (maximum)
Length 150mm (maximum)
Thickness 30mm (maximum)
Power supply 3φ AC200/220V 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
Weight Approx. 30kg