Reflective-type Sensor

  • #Reflective-type Sensor

Mounted with a color area image sensor, it uses image processing to detect the position of printed line marks and borders on the web as well as intermittent character patterns. It is used for web alignment control in combination with a dedicated controller or a drive.



①PPM connector  ②PPM-PSM connection cable for fastening, M5 ③PPM mounting bracket ④Special filter switch ⑤ Serial number ※1: Mounting hole
①Touch panel ②PSM-2000 connector ③PAM-2000 connector ④Mounting bracket ⑤Device nameplate ⑥Serial number seal
※1:Mounting hole ※2: PPM-PSM connection cable for fastening ※3: PAM-2000 cable fastening hole
Accessory: Bolt with hexagonal socket   M6×12L W SEMS screws 2 pieces


  • Tracks intermittent patterns
    Through pattern matching, in addition to edges of the web and printed line marks, intermittent patterns such as picture patterns and characters, may be tracked.
  • Detection of various webs made possible
    By using a built-in filter, various webs may be detected. Detection of transparent film edges on a mirror surface roll is also possible.
  • One-touch teaching
    By one push of a button, teaching of the reference image to be the tracking target is possible.


Power supply DC24V±20%(supplied by CAN bus)
Consumption current Maximum 0.6A(total consumption current for PSM-2000, PPM-2000, PAM-2000)
Materials Sensor head PSM-2000:ADC12, SPCC
Operation panel PPM-2000:ADC12, A5052
Mass Sensor head PSM-2000:approx. 0.7kg
Operation panel PPM-2000:approx. 0.5kg
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 ℃, Humidity:80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Image sensor Area image sensor
Light source White LED
Imaging range 24×9.6mm
Resolution 0.01mm
Scanning interval 220Hz
Detection roll φ80mm or larger