PS-711( Discontinued product )

Infrared Edge Detector

  • #Infrared Edge Detector

An infrared transmission-type web edge detector. It is used for web alignment control in combination with Q-series control panel and drive. Because it is photoelectric, it has high precision and is suitable for control of opaque body and non-woven fabric.

PS-711( Discontinued product )


①Receiving part  ②Light-projecting part ③Ground terminal ④Connector ⑤Center mark
※1: Range of φ20±0.2


  • Light-emitting diode is used as light source, therefore requiring no replacement.
  • The light source is controlled through pulse lighting, therefore not affected by ambient light.


Detection method Photoelectric transmission-type, proportional to deviation-type
Detection position Web edge (transparent, opaque edge)
Detection distance 25mm
Detection range Proportional band±5mm
Light source Infrared light-emitting diode
Photodetector Photodiode
Weight Approx. 178g
Ambient temperature 0 – 50℃ (no condensation)
Adaptive control panel PW-1000、PWN-1000、PW-800T、PWN-800T、PW-1310、PW-2000
Other steel shaft type: PS-720