Ultrasonic Edge Detector

  • #Ultrasonic Edge Detector

An ultrasonic transmission-type web edge detector. It is used for web alignment control in combination with Q-series control panel and drive. Due to it not being affected by the web transparency, color or pattern, it is suited for the detection of a transparent body. In addition, it is more compact than PS-400, making it suitable for use in smaller spaces.



①Main body ②Receiving part ③ Transmitting part ④Detection cord connector ⑤Center mark ⑥ Fixed tap


  • Compact body
    Ultrasonic-type detector PS-45 has been reduced in volume to approximately ½ that of our conventional product (PS-400). It can be installed in areas previously thought to be impossible due to limited space.
  • Stable detection with ultrasonic wave
    Web edge is detected by spotting changes in the aerial ultrasonic wave, web edge. Therefore, accurate detection is possible without being affected by color, pattern or transparency of various webs.


Detection method Ultrasonic wave (frequency300kHz), proportional to deviation-type
Detection position Web edge (transparent, opaque edge)
Detection distance 25mm
Detection range Proportional band ±2mm
Weight Approx. 130g
Ambient temperature 0 – 40℃(no condensation)
Adaptive control panel PW-1000、PWN-1000、PW-800U、PWN-800U、PW-1310、PW-2000