Photoelectric Edge Detector

  • #Photoelectric Edge Detector

A photoelectric transmission-type web edge detector. It is used for web alignment control in combination with Q-series control panel and drive. With the wide 200mm detection width, it is suited for centering control using 2 units.



①Light-receiving part ②Light-projecting part ③Connector
※1: Center ※2: Detection range ※3: Mounting hole


  • Due to its large detection width, it can be used for centering control by installing 2 units.
  • Light-emitting diode is used as light source, therefore replacement is unnecessary.


Detection method Photoelectric transmission-type, proportional to deviation-type
Detection position Web edge (opaque edge)
Detection distance 50mm
Detection range ±100mm
Light source Red light-emitting diode
Photodetector Photodiode
Weight Approx. 2.2Kg
Ambient temperature 0 – 50℃(no condensation)
Adaptive control panel PW-1000、PWN-1000、PW-1310、PW-2000