Reflective Detector

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The photoelectric reflection-type detector detects line marks and borders printed on the web. It is used for web alignment control in combination with Q-series control panel and drive. It is strong against ambient light and enables high-sensitivity detection.



①Main body  ② Center mark ③ Detection cord connector  ④Sensitivity selector switch ⑤Mounting bracket
※1: Mounting hole ※2: Detection roll  ※3: Mounting of PS-270 (S=1/3)


  • By using a large lens, the detection distance is now 30mm and spot diameter is φ7.5. The detection point is easily visible and position adjustment is simple.
  • A new design circuit has been installed within the detector, enabling it to be unaffected by solar light or ambient lighting.
  • Gold and silver sheets may also be detected. The new optical system is able to handle “shiny” sheet mark lines such as gold and silver.


Detection method Photoelectric reflection-type, proportional to deviation-type
Detection position Web edge, printed border, line mark
Detection distance 30mm
Detection range 5mm
Light source White LED
Photodetector Silicon photodiode
Ambient temperature 0 – 40℃ Humidity 80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Weight 380g
Adaptive controller PW-1000、PWN-1000、PW-1310、PW-2000、PW-800R、PWN-800R