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Controller for web alignment control. Used in combination with G series sensor and drive. It is equipped with color LCD touch panel, achieving universal operability. It is normally equipped with external interface such as I/O terminal to control operation mode switch with an external controller or an analogue output terminal to monitor web status.



①Touch panel ②Operation switch (flat keypad) ③④ Peripheral connector (sensor, drive, etc.) ⑤ Power input terminals ⑥ Control output terminals (8 units) ⑦Control input terminals (8 units) ⑧Analog output terminals (2 units) ⑨Panel mounting bracket pair (accessory)
※1: Panel cut dimensions ※2: Panel face (thickness tolerance:1≦t≦8mm) ※3: For ground mounting brackets (screw-in length 10mm) ※4: For mounting PCM-D40-BP (screw-in length 8mm)※5: Connector protective seal to be removed when connecting PCM-D40-BP


  • Intuitive operation is possible using a color LCD touch panel.
  • Normally equipped with terminal for operation mode switch input or alarm output for external control.
  • Normally equipped with analog output to monitor web status detected by the sensor.
  • Sensor and drive are connected by a connector and can easily be wired.
  • Maximum of 4ch sensors may be connected and may be used for web position monitoring in addition to alignment control.


Power supply DC24V±20%
(supplied from connector terminal block, connector terminal block model: FKCN2.5/3-STF-5.08, Phoenix Contact)
Consumption current 500mA or lower
(Consumption current during operation of PEM-3000 single unit with supply voltage DC24V)
※Power supply of peripheral-connecting equipment such as sensors is supplied from PEM-3000. Suitable power supply should be prepared with consideration to the power supply capacity. Also, please ensure that the total consumption current of equipment powered from PEM-3000 does not exceed 3.5A.
Mass Approx. 1.5kg
Installation environment Ambient temperature 0 – 40℃
Ambient humidity 80%RH or lower ( no condensation)
Atmosphere Indoors (no direct sunlight)
No corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust
Other Please do not install in a place with frequent vibrations.
Connection device Sensor Able to connect up to 4 PSM series units
・Single: Detects web edge or line mark
・Centering: Both edges of web
Drive ・Actuator: PDM series
・Roll guide: PGM series
・Other DC motor-mounted drive: PD, PG, MR series (drive of rated current 2.5A or lower)
Note) When using DC motor-mounted drive, DC motor driver PCM-D40 is needed.
Option ・Extension I/O module: PXM-100
Input 10 items (standard position set, mode selection (AUTO/MAN/CENT), drive operation, bank selection, mode interruption)
Output 10 items (sensor OK, mode status (AUTO/MAN/CENT), drive stroke end, drive center, comparator (upper limit/lower limit), bank switching response)
・Remote box :PTM-100
Display 5.7inchTFT Equipped with color display, touch panel
Display language Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Operation Flat keypad and touch panel
External control
・Input 8 items: standard position SET, mode selection (AUTO/MAN/CENT), bank selection, drive operation, mode interruption
 ※Either bank selection or drive operation can be used, not both (select either one from the parameter).
・Output 8 items: sensor status, mode status (AUTO/MAN/CENT, comparator output, NG, system run drive center
・Analog input 2 items: Select control sensor output, comparator sensor output or drive operation speed from the parameter
 (connect from connector terminal block, connector terminal block model: FMC1.5/4-STF-3.5, Phoenix Contact)
Note) In order to connect equipment such as sensor, drive or other optional equipment to PEM-3000, CAN bus-dedicated cable and branch connector are necessary. Please select them according to the equipment to be connected. The above cables and connectors are available at our company. (sold separately)