AIREX Mechanical Shaft Screw Type (for vacuum environments)

With this high-precision shaft, the lugs are extended evenly in all directions by supplying power with the impact driver, and the core can be chucked without center run-out.

AIREX Mechanical Shaft Screw Type (for vacuum environments)


(1) Hex screw head for wrench (A) (2) Hex screw head for wrench (B)
A: Journal length AA: Body edge to lug AC: Distance of bearing to shaft body B: Journal length BB: Body edge to lug BC: Distance of bearing to shaft body
D1: Body outer diameter D2: Bearing diameter D3: Bearing diameter D4: Lug expanded diameter D5: Core inner diameter D6: Core outer diameter D7: Material roll diameter
L: Full length L1: Shaft body length L2: Lug to lug L3: Distance between bearings L4: Material width L5: Core width L6: Body edge to sheet center


  • Can be used up to 10-6Pa ultra-high vacuum range
  • Carefully selected materials are used
    – Materials with little gas emissions are used for the parts.
     Metal… SUS303, SUS304, SUS440C, A2017
     Resin… Vespel SP-1, Ketron PEEK, Viton fluororubber
     Lubricating oil… Vacuum grease (Barrierta SUPER IS/V, NOK)
  • A structure that suppresses dust generation
    – To reduce dust from coming into contact when attaching and detaching the core, a roller unit is embedded in the outer diameter of the body. The sliding parts are made to be combined with metal and resin in order to prevent dust generation from the inside of the shaft when lugs are scaled as well as seizure of parts.
  • Removes foreign matter remaining on parts
    – Before assembly, the moisture is removed with a dryer after all of the parts go through degreasing/washing and ultrasonic cleaning. The assembly is conducted in the clean booth, and careful attention is paid to prevent oil and dust from adhering.