AIREX Air Shaft Carbon Type

When air is inserted, many lugs (tabs) will protrude, and the core can be clamped.

AIREX Air Shaft Carbon Type


(1) Air inlet (A) (2) Air inlet (B) (3) Air inlet (C) (4) Air inlet (D)
A: Journal length AA: Body edge to lug AC: Distance of bearing to shaft body B: Journal length BB: Body edge to lug BC: Distance of bearing to shaft body
D1: Body outer diameter D2: Bearing diameter D3: Bearing diameter D4: Lug expanded diameter D5: Core inner diameter D6: Core outer diameter D7: Material roll diameter
L: Full length L1: Shaft body length L1’: Body pipe (CFRP part) length L2: Lug to lug L3: Distance between bearings L4: Material width L5: Core width L6: Body edge to sheet center


  • Weight saving
    By using the steel shaft made out of carbon (CFRP,) approximately half the original weight can be reduced. *Comparison is of the main body part only, not including the shaft ends.
    Specific density comparison: Steel (7.86,) aluminum alloy (2.8,) carbon (1.6.)
  • High strength and minimum deflection
    By reducing weight by using aluminum alloy for the shaft body, the strength will reduce significantly compared to steel, and deflection will also increase, so it may not be suitable for heavy loads. With carbon (CFRP,) there is minimal reduction in strength or increase in deflection, so like steel, it is suitable for heavy loads.
  • Low inertia and eco-friendly
    A carbon (CFRP) shaft’s GD² (intertia) is approximately half of that of aluminum alloy, and approximately 1/5 of that of steel. Therefore, it can reduce the energy consumption of the rotational motion, making it an eco-friendly air shaft that matches with the current times.。
  • Beautiful appearance
    The perimeter of the carbon pipe features a beautiful plaid cross-winding finish. Also, it will not rust due to high corrosion resistance of CFRP.


3in 6in
Shaft material CFRP(GR40)
Body pipe length 500mm – 2800mm
Body outer diameter φ73.5mm – φ80mm φ148.5mm – φ160mm
core inner diameter
φ74mm – φ87mm φ150mm – φ162mm
core materials
Paper tube/plastic core
Air pressure used 0.4Mpa – 0.7Mpa
Support method Cantilever type and Both-end type
Lug format Lug parallel type and Lug staggering type