AIREX Air Shaft Cantilever Support Type

When air is inserted, many lugs (tabs) will protrude from inside the shaft, and the core can be clamped.

AIREX Air Shaft Cantilever Support Type


(1) Air inlet (A) (2) Air inlet (B) (3) Air inlet (C) (4) Air inlet (D)
A: Journal length AA: Body edge to lug AC: Distance of bearing to shaft body BB: Body edge to lug
D1: Body outer diameter D2: Bearing diameter D4: Lug expanded diameter D5: Core inner diameter D6: Core outer diameter D7: Material roll diameter
L: Full length L1: Shaft body length L2: Lug to lug L3: Distance between bearings L4: Material width L5: Core width L6: Body edge to sheet center

Tube replacement procedure

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  • The core can be easily clamped/unclamped.
  • The shaft shape is manufactured according to the customer’s equipment bearings.
  • A parallel type or staggered type can be selected for the lug arrangement according to the material specifications, core length and number of cores, and the lug placement is designed and manufactured optimally for each product.
    Parallel type: For heavier loads, one unit, wide sheet width.
    Staggered type: For lighter loads, multiple units, narrow sheet width.