About Mitsuhashi Corporation

Mitsuhashi Corporation was established in Kyoto
as a manufacturer for precision machinery components in 1944.
Since then our company has advanced into labor-saving solutions for the textile industry
and began developing and manufacturing our own products
based on the latest position control system technology.
We then advanced into the food packaging related industry
with the development of the pouch dispensing machines.

“Dispensing”, “aligning”, “winding” and “spreading”—

We are developing and manufacturing products of automation
and labor-saving methods for customer’s hand-operated processes as four business segments:
Packaging-related Equipment, Alignment Control Equipment, Air Shaft, and Wrinkle Removing Roll.

What makes us

Warranty services, customized orders—
these are the things that are our company values the most.
We will provide examples so that you can get a glimpse of
what makes us Mitsuhashi Corporation.