Flat expander

roll outside diameterφ100 ・roll length under 1000mm elastic code type expander roll.
This is an elastic band type wrinkle removing roll. It can be used to remove wrinkles from cloth, non-woven fabric, plastic film, paper and glass fiber.
Each time the roll rotates, numerous elastic bands repeatedly expand and contract. When a web is wound, it will spread open with the rubber’s stretching action. This will remove wrinkles from the web.
This high-grade wrinkle removing roll uses highly refined parts such as sliding resin pieces with extremely low friction coefficient that are attached.



L: Roll length

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This is an elastic band type non-curved straight wrinkle removing roll. It can be used to remove wrinkles without straining the webs.

  • Scope of application
    This is a wrinkle removing roll with a line speed of 150m/min or less and tension of 245N or less.
    Rolls are manufactured with an outer diameter of φ100 (elastic band arrangement: 10 equally divided circumference) and a roll surface length in the range of 150mm to 1000mm.
  • The deployment amount can be adjusted
    Adjustable to the optimal deployment amount by changing the tilt of the rings on both sides of the roll with the adjusting bolt.
    The adjustment status can be checked on the angle scale plate.
    Standard deployment amount: 5.2 mm (3° ring tilt angle)
  • Mounting direction
    The sheet pass line is compatible with any direction from horizontal to vertical. The sheet winding angle around the roll is generally set in the range of 30° to 90°.
  • Further improvement of service life
    It is designed to minimize the frictional wear of the rotating/sliding parts to improve the service life of the roll.


Roll diameter (mm) 100
Roll length (mm) 150~1000
Standard deployment
amount (mm) (*1)
Adjustable range
of ring tilt angle
Applicable webs Cloth, non-woven fabric, film, paper, glass fiber
Environment Dry(45 – 85%RH)(*2)
Maximum operating temperature: 80℃
Rubber materials(*3) EPT(White / black)
*1 Deployment amount is for 90° sheet and 3° ring tilt angle.
*2 Please contact us if you desire a wrinkle removing roll in a wet environment.
*3 Rubber properties are listed in the general catalog