Extension I/O Module

  • #Extension I/O Module

Extension I/O module for G-series controllers. It is mainly used to control operation mode switching, etc. from an external controller in combination with PEM-200 which does not have an external control terminal.



①Peripheral connector  ②Terminal block (input)  ③ Terminal block (output)  ※1: Screw-in tolerance length 4mm ※2: DIN rail mounting plate (sold separately)  DRA-2, Takachi Electronics-compatible DIN rail width 35 mm


  • It can be mounted onto a DIN rail using designated parts.
  • Spring-type rod terminal is used for I/O terminal connection, thereby simplifying the wiring process.


Power supply DC24V±20%(supplied by CAN bus)
Consumption current Maximum 100mA
Mass Approx. 360g
Operating environment Temperature : 0 – 40 ℃, Humidity: 80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Input terminal Photo-coupler input 10 items (functions are dependent on the controller)
Input voltage:DC24V, input resistance 3.3kΩ
Output terminal Transistor open collector output 10 items (functions are dependent on the controller)
Maximum rating:DC30V, 100mA