Control Panel

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Control panel for web alignment control. It can be connected to large drives such as actuator PD-900 and motor CM-402F. It can be also connected to all Q-series detectors.



①Main body  ②Front cover ③Operation panel ④External connection terminal board ⑤ Remote box connector ⑥ Detector device connector ⑦ Power switch ⑧PT-1000 remote box (sold separately)  ⑨EXT connector (optional)
※1: Mounting hole (depth 30) ※2: Control panel surface


  • Compatible with our standard detector
    It can be used with our standard detector.
  • 3 bank memories are prepared
    3 bank memories have been prepared for various settings. Each bank stores gain and zero setting. By switching banks for various types of webs, the optimum setting may be called.
  • Equipped with large LCD indicator (8 lines x 40 characters)
    Operation status is clearly visible.
    It is easy to adjust the setting for various uses.

General specification

Power supply Single-phase AC200V
Consumption power Maximum 600VA
Mass Approx. 25kg
Operating environment Ambient temperature 0 – 40℃ (no condensation)
Humidity 80% RH or lower

Function summary

Detection input 1 system
Adaptive detector PS-261、PS-270、PS-1100、PS-300、PS-350、PS-400、PS-45、PS-450、PS-711、PS-800
Adaptive drive PD-811、PD-850、PD-900
Memory configuration System memory:1 Bank memory: 3 banks
Detector input channel, EDGE/LINE, POS/NEG, zero, gain, integral time, dead zone width, dead zone gain
External control input
External control output
Optional features Remote box・・・PT-1000(sold separately)
Comparator・・・factory option