Control Panel

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Control panel for web alignment control. It can be connected to all Q-series detectors and the drive can use all roll guides and miniature actuators. It is normally equipped with I/O terminal to control operation mode selection with an external controller.



※1: Panel cutout measurement ※: 2 Rear-side view


  • Compatible with our standard detector
    It can be used with our standard detector. It has a 2-system detector input and enables switching to and from windup and feed with 1 unit. In addition, it can switch as needed to the optimum detector for the web.
  • 3 bank memories are prepared
    3 bank memories have been prepared for various settings. Each bank stores the detector in use, gain and zero setting. By switching banks for various types of webs, the optimum setting may be called.
  • Equipped with large LCD indicator (8 lines x 40 characters)
    Operation status is clearly visible.
    It is easy to adjust the setting for various uses.

General specification

Power supply Single-phase AC85V – AC264V
Free-range power supply
Consumption power Maximum 200VA
Mass Approx. 5kg
Operating environment Ambient temperature 0 – 40℃(no condensation)
Humidity 80% RH or lower

Function summary

Detection input 2 systems (different models may coexist) external analog input 2 systems
Adaptive detector PS-261、PS-270、PS-1100、PS-300、PS-350、PS-400、PS-45、PS-450、PS-711、PS-800
Adaptive drive ・PD series
PD-400, PD-400-75
PD-400-1/50, PD-710
PD-610, PD-620
PD-620-100, PD-650
・All PG series
・All MR series
Memory configuraiton System memory: 1 Bank memory: 3 banks
Detection input channel, EDGE/LINE, POS/NEG, zero, gain, integral time, dead zone width, dead zone gain
External control input Mode switching (manual, center, automatic), balance set, manual drive, bank switching
External control output In operation, mode (manual, center, automatic), drive stroke end, bank switching response, comparator determination output (optional)
Optional features Remote box・・・PT-1000 (sold separately)
Comparator・・・factory option