Reflective-type Sensor

  • #Reflective-type Sensor

Photoelectric reflection-type sensor for detecting printed line marks and borders on the web. It is used for alignment control of the web in combination with G-series controller and drive. Strong against ambient light, high-sensitivity detection is possible.



①Peripheral connector  ②Set switch ③ Balance display LED ④Channel-setting switch (internal) ⑤ Center mark ⑥ Mounting bracket (Right-left recombination possible)
※1: Mounting hole ※2: CAN cable ※3: Diagram when right-left is recombined


  • Because of its high-sensitivity, low contrast detection is possible.
  • Due to the film surface being visible when operating the SET switch, teaching can be done easily.
  • LED enables the checking of any deviation of the film from set position.


Power supply DC24V±20%(supplied by CAN bus)
Consumption current 35mA (When supply voltage is DC24V)
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 ℃, Humidity: 80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Mass Approx. 350g
Detection target Edge, border of the web (printing edge, etc.), line mark
Detection method Photoelectric reflection-type
Detection distance 26mm±2mm (distance between casing tip and roll)
Detection range φ6
Light source White light-emitting diode
Photodetector Photodiode