Reflective-type Sensor

  • #Reflective-type Sensor

Mounted with a color linear image sensor, it detects the position of the printed line marks and borders on the web through image processing. It is used for web alignment control in combination with G-series controller and drive.



①Peripheral connector  ② Console PPM-1500 connector  ③ Connection terminal M3 ④ Serial number
※1: Mounting hole depth 8(same on reverse side) ※2: Detection range ※3: Detection distance
①Lid ② Sensor PSM-1500 connector ③ Panel mounting bracket (accessory)  ④ Device nameplate  ⑤Serial number seal
※1: Mounting hole (depth 8) ※2: Cable outlet ※3: Cable length ※4: Cable outlet(total of 4 on the side)  ※5: Panel mounting hole  ※6: Maximum panel thickness
If the screws on the reverse side are loosened and lid is removed, the cable drawing direction may be changed (4 places on the side, 1 place on the reverse side).


  • Not affected by nearby patterns and characters, it tracks line marks and edges.
  • It accurately tracks the target by recognizing the color, brightness and width of line marks.
  • Teaching operation of the tracking target may be carried out easily with a touch panel.
  • It can be used at ease as the tracking status can be checked on the screen.
  • The console may be used as LPC remote operation machine for operation mode switching and manual actuator operation.


Power supply DC24V±20%(supplied by CAN bus)
Consumption current Maximum 0.4A(total consumption current for PSM-1500 and PPM-1500)
Materials Sensor head PSM-1500:A5052
Console PPM-1500:A5052
Mass Sensor head PSM-1500:approx. 0.7kg
Console PPM-1500:approx. 0.3kg
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 ℃, Humidity:80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Image sensor Color linear image sensor
Light source White LED
Imaging range 20mm
Detection distance 17.5±2mm(distance between casing tip and roll)
Resolution 0.01mm
Scanning interval φ80mm or larger
Detection roll φ80mm以上
Console display 3.5inch color TFT, resistance film-type touch panel