AC Servo Large Roll Guide

  • #AC Servo Large Roll Guide

An offset-type roll guide used when carrying out alignment control in the intermediate process of web transport. It has a ball screw drive and is characterized by minimal backlash. Mounted with AC servo motor, high-precision control is possible.


①Drive ②Roll stand  ③Roll frame ④Radial bearing ⑤Front-side roll ⑥End-side roll
L: Roll surface length Lp: Roll span
※1: Mounting hole ※2: Turning center


  • High speed, high responsiveness
    Due to AC servo motor not requiring a rotor magnet, minimal rotor inertia and an excellent power rate is achieved, resulting in high responsiveness and high-precision control.
  • Maintenance-free due to the brushless feature
    There is no wear of brushes, therefore requiring no maintenance and inspection. It can also be used for a clean room.
  • Enhancement of protective functions
    The servo amplifier is equipped with various protective functions, protecting the servo amplifier. Protective functions include overcurrent protection, overload protection and motor overheating protection, etc.


Correction speed 28mm/s
Control volume ±25mm
Maximum sheet speed 300m/min
Maximum sheet tension 490N
AC servo motor 50W
Roll surface length 600 – 1600 mm
Roll diameter Φ100 (standard)
Roll span 200 – 400mm