Large Roll Guide

  • #Large Roll Guide

Offset-type roll guide used in carrying out alignment control in the intermediate process of web transport. It is suitable for webs of 3000mm width or less. It has a ball screw drive with minimal backlash, enabling high-precision control.



①Roll stand  ②Roll frame ③PGM-400 drive  ④Front-side roll ⑤End-side roll ⑥Electric component box ⑦Power connector for drive (accessory)  ⑧McBus connector  ※1:Turning center  ※2: Controlled variable  ※3: Mounting hole ※4: Mounting pitch (dimensions vary according to size) L: Roll surface length Rs: Distance between roll outer diameters Rp: Center-to-center roll distance


  • Roll support method has been reexamined and now the load capacity of the support point has become 4 times that of the conventional guide.
  • Because only a connector is necessary to connect a controller and a sensor, the wiring job is made simple.


Roll surface length 400 – 3000mm
Roll span 300 – 1300mm
Roll diameter φ100(standard), compatible to φ75 – φ160
Roll materials Aluminum, iron, rubber, etc.
Maximum web tension 1176
Driving speed 25mm/s
Power supply DC24V±20%
Consumption current Maximum 2.5A
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 ℃, Humidity:80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Connection equipment Controller PEM-200、PEM-3000
Sensor PSM-type sensor