Large Roll Guide

  • #Large Roll Guide

An offset-type roll guide used when carrying out alignment control in the intermediate process of web transport. It is suited for a web with width of 2000 mm or less. It may be used for a high-tension web transport line.



①Drive ② Pivot stand ③ Roll frame ④ Front-side roll ⑤End-side roll
L: Roll surface length Lp: Roll span
※1: Mounting hole ※2: Mounting dimension diagram


  • Suitable for position control during sheet processing line.
  • Optimal for materials prone to permanent distortion or which tear easily
    Control process is carried out by twisting the web at the front-side and end-side of the roll guide. This alleviates the tension difference to both ends of the web, thereby making it suitable for web control of materials prone to permanent distortion or which tear easily.


DC motor DC24V 2.0A
Correction speed 13mm/s (when roll span is 900mm)
Control volume ±50mm (when roll span is 900mm)
Maximum sheet speed 350m/min
Roll surface length 800 – 2000 mm
Roll diameter φ100 – 150
Roll span 300 – 900 mm