AC Servo Actuator

  • #AC Servo Actuator

An actuator which is used for alignment control of the unwind and windup part of the web. It is used in combination with PW-1000 and PCS-1000. It is used for web rolls and trolleys with a total weight of 1500 kg or less. Mounted with AC servo motor, high-precision control is possible.


①AC servomotor  ② Floating joint ③ Slide rod ④Switch unit ⑤ Terminal block ⑥Power connector ⑦ Encoder connector ⑧ Eyebolt M8
※1: Mounting hole


  • High speed, high responsiveness
    Due to AC servo motor not requiring a rotor magnet, minimal rotor inertia and an excellent power rate is achieved, resulting in high responsiveness and high-precision control.
  • Maintenance-free due to the brushless feature
    There is no wear of brushes, therefore requiring no maintenance and inspection. It can also be used for a clean room.
  • Enhancement of protective functions
    The servo amplifier is equipped with various protective functions, protecting the servo amplifier. Protective functions include overcurrent protection, overload protection and motor overheating protection, etc.


Thrust tolerance 490N
Stroke 100mm
Driving speed 50mm/s
AC servo motor 100W
Mass 18kg