Medium-size Actuator

  • #Medium-size Actuator

An actuator which is used for alignment control of the unwind and windup part of the web. It is used in combination with Q-series control panel and detector. It is used for devices with total weight of 5800kg or less.



① DC geared motor  ② Connector  ③ Slide rod ④ Switch unit ⑤Terminal block
※1: Mounting hole


  • Long life and ease of maintenance and inspection
    Due to ball screws used in the drive mechanism, most of the parts are wear resistant. It has a long life and is easy to maintain and inspect.
  • Equipped with microswitch for center position detection
    By pushing the center stop switch on the control panel, the actuator may be set at center position in advance.


Thrust tolerance 1725N(176kgf)
Mass tolerance 5860kg
Stroke 180mm
Driving speed 13mm/s
DC motor DC24V 3.8A
Mass 30kg