DC Motor Driver

  • #DC Motor Driver

DC motor driver. It is used in combination with G-series controllers to control Q-series drives.



①Power input terminal ②Drive connection terminal  ③ Peripheral connector


  • It can drive all Q-series roll guides and actuators of 2.5A and less.
  • It is mainly used in combination with PEM-200 controllers.


Power supply AC100~220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 200VA or less
Mass Approx. 520g
Operating environment Temperature:0 – 40 ℃, Humidity: 80%Rh or lower (no condensation)
Adaptive controller PEM-200、PEM-3000
Adaptive drive Q-series drive with motor having rated current of 2.5A or less
・All PG-type roll guides
・All MR-type roll guides
・PD-400, PD-610, PD-620, PD-710, PD-650 actuators, etc.