The shaft of the reduction of labor which is indispensable for the scroll and the roll one
It is a partner with " the wind " of the trust.

The best shaft to have supported needs

AIREX SHAFT is the shaft which was developed for the reduce labor, the saving manpower, the rationalization, the speeding-up, the high degree of accuracy of the work as the axis for the winding and the unwinding of a web, the axis for the conveyance.
Used in wide field of the paper making, the paper processing and the foil relation, the metal processing and the printing industry and so on at present.
We provides the best shaft to have supported those needs in diversification of the equipment, today when reduce labor is increasingly wanted more.


The masterpiece of the AIR SHAFT

A rubber tube is used on the interior as an expander, and this is inflated with the air, raising the core clamp claw, firmly clamping the core, In addition to the a wide rage of sizes from 25 to 450, is an abundance in variation including those for twin supports and those for single supports.


* AIREX Both-side Type Shaft
* AIREX Open-side Type Shaft
* AIREX Leaf Type Shaft
* AIREX Hanger Type Shaft
* AIREX Stroke Adjustment Type Shaft
* AIREX Precision Grade Type Shaft
* AIREX Core Paper Joiner Type Shaft
* AIREX Double Winding Type Shaft
* AIREX Dount Type Shaft
* AIREX Adapter

High performance in core clamping

The inside of the shaft uses a mechanical structure and the tapered slider on the inside, unwinds the rug and the core of the shaft is aligned with this, firmly clamping the core. The standard size is 74, and the maximum expanded diameter is 83, so the corresponding core is able to be applied from 74.5mm to 80mm, Our lineup includes two types, one being the high output AIREX Screw-type Mechanical Shaft with such features as an impact wrench, and the other being the sample AIREX Cylinder-type Mechanical Shaft, whitch is structured with an air cylinder on the inside and only requires the injection of air. We also manufacture products other than the standard sizes according to our customsers' requests.


* Cylinder type
* Impact wrench type

High Load Shaftless Type

There is an air cylinder containing an internal tapered piston, and this allows firm clamping of the core with high output. Additionally, the contact surface area with the core is large in order to withstand high loads. Types are classified by output, including 0.25t, 0.5t, 1.0t and 2.0t. The standard size is 3 inches, but various sizes can be complied with the addition of an adapter. Aa the air chuck expands the clamp the section using an air cylinder, a pushing force on either side is unnecessary. (We aiso manufacture the AIREX Mechaninal Chuck which expands the clamp section using force applied from either side. Both of these are shaftless, making the automation of placement and removal simple.)


* For 250 kg
* For 500 kg
* For 1000 kg
* For 2000 kg