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UE wrinkle removing roll

Removal of wrinkles or creases from a variety of web materials, resulting in remarkable improvement in web quality and productivity
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No-bow and linear rolls mean wrinkles are naturally removed without web distortion.

"UE" is the acronym for U. Engineering Co., Ltd. that has originally developed the wrinkle removing rolls. As from 2005, "UE" is used as a trade name of our wrinkle removing rolls.
The conventional bow, banana or curved rolls are structurally disadvantageous in that the web is excessively stretched at the center and loosened at both edges. Our no-bow and straight Wrinkle Removing Rolls have been developed just to overcome this problem. Accordingly, the biggest advantage of our wrinkle removing rolls comes down to the fact that they can achieve uniform web spreading and expansion throughout the web width without web distortion.

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"Recent Trends of Wrinkle Removing Rolls"

Flat expander roll FE-B series

This Flat Expander Roll is a no-bow and linear wrinkle removing roll of the RUBBER-CORD type.

A number of rubber cords on the roll peripheral surface will expand and contract with the rotation of the roll. The web wound on the roll at the rubber contraction position will be expanded and spread when passing through the rubber expansion position. This results in the removal of wrinkles from the web.

Our Flat Expander Rolls are high-quality wrinkle removing rolls with a highly sophisticated design. In particular, sliding resin pieces with extremely low friction coefficient are attached to the rubber cords at their undersides. Accordingly, wrinkles are removed from not only woven fabrics and nonwoven fabrics, but also from wider, thinner, faster and highly-functional plastic films, paper and glassfibers in a variety of processing steps.

FE-B Series

* FE-BB Type Roll
* FE-BS Type Roll
* FE-BX Type Roll
* FE-BM Type Roll
* FE-BJ Type Roll

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miravo roll MRV series

This MIRAVO Roll is a no-bow and linear wrinkle removing roll of the RUBBER-TUBE type.

Fitted on a shaft are a number of rotating ring assemblies as outwardly successively inclined in the directions toward the roll ends from the roll center, thus forming a roll structural body. A rubber tube is fitted and mounted on the outer peripheral face of this roll structural body. Accordingly, the web on the MIRAVO roll is securely and uniformly expanded and spread at every point throughout the roll width. Thus, the MIRAVO roll achieves more precise and uniform expansion than the Flat Expander roll basically designed to spread the web by stretch of the rubber cords alone.

The use of a rubber tube eliminates the danger of a rubber trace remaining on an ultra-thin film surface.

The MIRAVO roll can remove wrinkles from a wide range of web materials, from ultra thin (a few microns) and soft films to rigid Cu or Al metallic webs.

MRV Series

MRV- 8 Type Roll
MRV-12 Type Roll
MRV-16 Type Roll
MRV-20 Type Roll

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