Non-contact pitch measurement unit

The non-contact pitch measurement unit is a device that determines the contents and the seal area of the pouches by ultrasound and measures the length of the target pouches.
It can be easily operated, and the pouch length can be measured without touching the pouches.



(1) Detection sensor (2) Guide plate (3) Detection LED (4) Set switch (5) Mode selecting switch


  • Detectable regardless of the contents (powder, liquid, dried vegetables/dried meat) of the pouches or packaging materials (plastic/PET/aluminum.)
  • Easy one-push operation and speedy switching of types are made possible.
  • LED display is adopted to enable viewing of detection levels at a glance.


Configuration Detection unit 1 set, amplifier unit, cables
Processing capacity 500 pouches/min
Output signal Output ON at pouch detection, NPN open collector 30V 10mA
Power supply DC24V/DC12V 4W *Supplied from the device body. No need for a separate power supply.
Operating environment 0℃ – 40℃ (Humidity 80% RH or below)
Combination devices All KD, KE, KS, and FW Series